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Hello everyone
I need some idea's please..
I am an Oregon Garden volunteer in Silverton Or and spend my time in an area known as the Silverton Market Garden, 8 acres of veggies, furits, herbs and flowers..
So heres the deal...Yesterday the mighty threesome who volunteer in this area were ask for idea's on what to put in a cutting garden..To have flowers from early spring until .........!!!Its our garden to plant and most likely do a lot of the care of like we do the veggie garden...
Can I have some idea's please on what you all might plant....Silverton is zone 7 its just east of Salem a bit...

The mighty three some are myself and two wonderfull gentlemen and we are all in our early 60's as is our hort that we work with...It is fun and very rewarding.
Enough said
oremudpie aka melanie
Oremudpie there is so much you can use in a cutting garden, of course all the varities of daisys and daisy like flowers-whites pinks and yellows, put in a couple of hydranger shrubs- they are beautiful in mixed bouquets, tulips, lillies, glads,roses, cosmos. I'll stop here and let others add their choices.
Thanks for the idea's..I'm going to make a list of all the suggestions I get and take it with me tuesday..The guys have already vetoed roses, but the others sound great..
We have a large area to work with so will be fun

What comes to mind are echinechea, rudbeckia. I had a plant in my garden called orphanage plant, they were small white flowers and lasted a long time in a bouquet.

I'm trying to think of something for earlier in the year and all I'm coming up with is bulb flowers.

Dora/Garden Goddess
Varies zinnias and marigolds
Sweet William (tall)
Yes, cosmos
Phlox (perennial and annual)
Salvias (all sorts)

I'm sure there are several native plants to add as well.

Good morning
I'm looking at this list and thinking OH BOY our resident herd of black tail deer sure are going to have more good eats..They are such pain in the veggie garden..
I'm copying this all down for Tuesday morning
Papa2mykids hit right on my favorite cutting flower. Zinnias are so great , many colors and self seeding. Easy fast growers make wonderful arrangements. I started collecting my seeds by color and have areas of single colors as well as mixed. I really can't say enough about them as a great addition to any garden.
Plants with course foliage or scents tend to be critter resistant.

There are plenty to chose from, you can even add Lavender to the list.

Plants with coarse or fuzzy foliage or scents tend to be critter resistant.

There are plenty to chose from, you can even add Lavender to the list.

You should go over to Landscape and Design and check out a thread that Chattycarnation started -"Gardens at Bank of Springfield" The garden designer is Adam Woodruff. You can click on the link and see his blog with pictures and names of all the plants he used in the design. The gardens are beautiful. You should be able to get alot of info there for your project.
Hello Mel...that will be a fun project. Dutch Iris are really nice, Sweet Peas, Calendula's, Snap Dragon's, Statice and maybe Pansy's, my Dutch Iris, Allium's and Scallia's are up now.

and I'll have to go see those Springfield Garden pictures...(thanks swindy).
I was out at the gardens today and my friend in crime and I talked about the cutting garden...If they would make it a perment thing it would be fun but thats not what I heard they wanted to do..I'd rather just work on the veg garden...will see..
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