Damaged pots

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The extreme cold we had this winter has been heck on my clay pots! I was out cleaning out the weeds from around and in the pots today, and was really taking stock. It's not good news. The worst part is that the place where I used to load up on clay pots for really low prices has closed. He used to run a 2 for one sale at the spring flower festival, so clay pots were uber cheap for me.

I don't know how I'm going to replace them. I can't even find pots this nice, much less afford them.


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there is a type of epoxy glue you can use to fix them
can't remember the name exactly but I do have some and it works good

if I find it in my travels I will let you know ;)
I have read that if you have to leave your clay pots outside for the winter you should lay them on thier sides as they wont crack that way. Sorry your pots took such a beating this winter. If you have a Christmas tree store in your area they are having a big sale on Fiber Clay planters 13",15" and 18" pots from $6.99 to $16.99 it is a lot of money but they last forever and are light weight. they also have a great Garden Wagon on sale for $49.99 I love that store they alway have great seasonal items for great prices.
Normally our winters aren't cold enough to crack the pots, so I didn't even think about the pots being damaged. Wolfie, if you come across the stuff, let me know the name, ok?

I'll ask about a Christmas Tree store, I'm not a shopper, so I never know what stores are around unless they sell quality beer, plants, or books.
You can use JB Weld found at most hardware type stores. It is an epoxy, and a 2 part mix that comes in tubes. really easy to use;)

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