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My first Daylily bloomed Friday. I lost the tag a long time agol.l Does anyone have any idea what the name is? More blooms will be opening soon.


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mine are just coming up, it looks like one that i have but i don't know the names of most of mine, lots came from grammie's house and some from friends
I don't even know where I got this one Laurie. It was one of the first ones or even the first. Houston Garden Center has them 10 for $27 and I have $10 coupon off $30 but I can't ever find 10 different ones I want. I will give it a try this week. I do want to get some more. Gilbert H. Wilde is having their sale and Stella De Oro's are $1 and a lot of the others are $2 and $3.
thanks for the Gilbert H Wilde web site I just ordered a bunch of lilies I was watching on ebay. they were only seeds but I got a better deal at Gilbert H Wilde with the bulbs, Thanks again. Now I can start have my lily garden this summer. sunflowr3/karen
You are welcome Karen. I am going to order mine today too. I just love daylilies, lilies and roses.
your liles are nice looking, mine are just starting to come up. I checked out Gilbert H Wilde web site and I thinK I'll be ordering from then bthis year
I did check out Daves Garden watchdog and in the last couple of years they had a few negatives but I will try them this time. I am not expecting to get huge plants for the prices they are offering.

I've always been happy with the plants I get from GilbertHWild. They are sent bareroot, but are healthy and always do very well. They are a family nursery and are good with customer service. I highly reccomend them.:)

I signed up for their newsletter some time back and when they reopened their new website, they sent me a fantastic savings deal - only 100 of their best customers got it. :D I used mine for more peonies & lillies!!! LOL! Surprise! :p

They have lily bulbs at GREAT prices!!
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That is great Dizzy. I didn't get that deal. I am going to place my order today.
I love Gilbert Wild they have always done right by me. They also have 10 mixed hostas for 15.00 but they are not named.
I ordered the 10 mixed hostas Dawn, some Hybrid Lilies,asiatic lilies a Sorbet Peony and 15 daylilies. Now where am I going to put all these plants? I better get to digging or building raised beds.
My shipping was only $7.50 for all the plants I ordered Laurie. It is UPS ground so I hope they package them well.
That is not bad, my cart has 28 items and it's $98, got to trim it back but which ones?????
I know how it is when you see so much you like. I have had 3 different carts. I finally got mine down to $55 and that is only 2/3 of what I wanted to buy. I will place an order later in the year.

Their shipping is VERY reasonable - in general, I will pay a higher price for an item than be ripped off for shipping. :mad:

They have THE BEST prices on lillies. :D Yeah, I ended up ordering about a dozen new Asiatic lillies while I was there. LOL! :p Have to get DH to help plant since you know my foot is still recovering! ROFL!!!!!!

Dor, the peony you ordered will probably not arrive until Fall - that is the usual ship time for those. Sorry I didn't mention it, but I usually separate my orders into Spring/Fall stuff.
I do like that they are now accepting Paypal. I use that whenever possible.
I hate when you order something online & they don't take it out of your acct until they ship. :confused:
I like the paypal, payment to, make it quick and easy to order that way. I know where all of the lilies I ordered are going, i figured out all my gardens last night. just need to figure out where to put the 100 iris bulbs I'm getting.. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to