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Share your daylilly pics. Here's a few I have blooming...


  • tn_May13, 2009 005.JPG
    tn_May13, 2009 005.JPG
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  • tn_May13, 2009 027.JPG
    tn_May13, 2009 027.JPG
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  • tn_May13, 2009 028.JPG
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  • tn_May13, 2009 029.JPG
    tn_May13, 2009 029.JPG
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Here's a few of my Daylilies.


  • tn_Yellow Daylily.JPG
    tn_Yellow Daylily.JPG
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  • tn_Yellow Daylily #2.JPG
    tn_Yellow Daylily #2.JPG
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  • tn_Bi-color Daylily #2.JPG
    tn_Bi-color Daylily #2.JPG
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  • tn_Bi-color Daylily #3.JPG
    tn_Bi-color Daylily #3.JPG
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  • tn_Mya and Yellow Daylily.JPG
    tn_Mya and Yellow Daylily.JPG
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I took these a few days ago. I need to move them. I'll take some omre in the nest couple of days there are some really nice yellow ones blooming right now.


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Beautiful ddaylilies gals!! Gloria, I love that 2nd one. Do you know its name? Dor, LOVE 3 and 4!! And Crabbergirl that is gorgeous! It will be awhile before I can post any pics, haven't seen a single scape yet! Will have to enjoy yours for now!
I love everyone's daylilies their all beautiful.Very pretty bright color's.
And you have a pretty little helper there too.:)
Yes, that is our little Mya Dawn. She loves to smell my blooms. I told her that Daylily looks like the color of a banana. She told my youngest daughter that flower is a banana. My daughter told her it wasn't a banana. My daughter had to give up that argument. I had to tell her I told Mya that. She came away with pollen all over her cheeks after smelling that daylily.

Dora, she is my first granddaughter Mya.
Thanks Dawn, she loves to be in the garden with me. She was upset a week ago my daughter told me. Their yardman ran over here trowel and she was really upset with him.
Yes she was so upset. I will get her another one this week. I forgot it today when I went to Walmart. When I garden she has to dig. Granny I want to help is what she says.
The daylilies are all beautiful but Mya wins the prize. :) I'll have to enjoy yours for now. It'll be a while before mine bloom. TFS is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to