Dill with Okra?

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I wanted to plant my dill around my cucumbers but since the cucumbers are next to the tomato plant I didnt. I heard that dill attracts the tomato horn worm?? So I decided to plant the dill next to the okra. I am wondering if this will be okay??
Dill actually attracts Monarch and Viceroy caterpillars. Neither of which eat the night shades. My dill is planted all throughout my garden. I actually plant dill to attract the pollinators such as butteflies and humming birds. I plant the mammoth dill with the very large seed heads.
Wow thanks..didnt know that. Well I wanted to plant by my cucumbers but they are by my tomatoes and I was told that dill attracts the tom. horn worm..so I had nowhere else to put it. But its good to know that it wont hurt my Okra..thanks again..

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