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This year I decided to try something new and ordered 2 earth boxes. The reviews I've been reading seems to rate them pretty high. Has anyone ever used them. I'm getting spring fever really bad and would like to get planting.:)
Hello and welcome!
I have two earth boxes and have had mixed results. I live in an area that cooks in the summer so have found them most useful in a semi-shaded area. Everything I've planted in them does pretty well but little frogs love to live in the watering tubes.
I have seen thees and beed reading up on them...would love to hear more about how they do...thanks for posting this thread
Blueaussi. Thats a great link, very detailed and easy to follow instructions. I may give this one a try also. Thanks
thanks blue...will save monsy this way...week end prject...I have every thing already but the wicking basket...but I think I will go with a laundry basket from the dollar store...I am excited about making this...thanks again
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Well the 2 earth boxes arrived by UPS. So I guess I'll try growing some Sugar Baby Watermelons. Growing Watermelons at the end of Feb. in zone 4 should be interesting. But after re potting many indoor plants it should be fun.
After having and viewing this item, I like Blueaussi posting in building one, the best.
Keep us posted on the results though and it would be great if you can post some photos as you go along. We love that kind of stuff. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to