Easy Ice Packs

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1 part isopropyl rubbing alcohol
3 parts water
freezer bags (size is up to you)

I double bag mine just to make sure leaking isn't a problem. These freeze up slushy...sort of like the gel stuff...work just as good and last a long time.
Palm I have one in my freezer now. Even if they don't really need one it makes little kids feel special and loved when they have a boo boo and they're feeling sorry for themselves.
Kya I try to keep popsicles in the freezer but those have a way of disappearing. My kids and grandkids call them Papa Ice. Hum you think Papa has something to do with them disappearing. LOL
myfedora....i'd be willing to bet "peas on knees" is a staple ice pack just about anywhere! Probably why they are packaged that way! HA!

Popsicles barely make it to the freezer at my house. My grown son is the worst culprit. He'll go through a box of them in no time at all. I generally have to hide a couple for my grandson!
My grands love popsicles and freeze pops too. My youngest daughter will eat more than my grands. I have to stay on her to replenish the pops. Walgreens have some called Slushpuppies that are really good. I have to get more of those today.

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