Epsom Salts for plants

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I found last year a write up on using Epsom Salts and was wondering if anyone used them and what did you think? The write up I have says to use it on tomatoes and peppers as well as house plants.


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i also use it on my plants...you want to work the soil around the plants and add a a Tabls. then water in...try not to get it on the stalk..


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I just thow the salts all over the gardens and then water to wash it off the leaves. I usually try to use when it is rainning.


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I used to add a tablespoon in my canister on my hose along with miracle grow when I would water my plants, the colors were vibrant and they grew really well. maybe it was in my head, but I saw a difference. That was several years ago though.


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I've been using it for years and my roses look great and bloom more, I use it in the veggie garden as well and just about every where,s I can, some cactus don't like it so they go with out


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Okay I am convinced. I am going to mix up some tonight with my regular fertilizer and give a few a drink. Thanks for all the info.


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Is epsom salts good for EE's if so how much.

Yes it is Lisa. I just sprinkle it throughout my flower beds and gardens and then water. Just try to keep it off the leaves. I feed my container plants with it also.


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Epsom Salt is the common name for Magnesium Sulfate. Both magnesium and sulfur are good things when used in moderation.

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