extra bulbs that need a home

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New Member
here is a list of extra bulbs that want some dirt to live in

dutch master daffodil
fortune daffodil
mixed crocus
mied single freesia

if anyone can use them let me know

What wonderful bulbs I sure wish I could get some of them but our ground is so frozen that I couldn't get them planted.
Better watch out for Nancy, Heather...she will send ya an empty envelope...lol...just kidding!! Forgive me, I just couldn't help myself Nancy!! You know I am laughing with you and not at you...hugs!!
Lonely dirt - bulbs wanted

I have some lonely dirt - bulbs wanted - would love any of your daffs if you have enough after the others. :)
empty envys work too lol. I admit to screwing up a few exchanges in the past. Never empty packages but I sent seeds to the wrong person before oh what a mess that makes. Lmao.
Got the crocus today....Thank you so much!!! Now have to wait for some of the snow to melt and the ground to thaw a bit to get them planted. Can't wait until Spring!!

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