Faerie gardens, or minature gardens

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Hello, I am interested in making a minature garden..or faerie garden. Does anyone have pictures, or suggestions ?

Id love to know what plants would be good. What have you used to make decorations ?

oh yeah i'm anxious to see what other people have for minis and what they use in their gardens
Yes there are many nice plants that you could incorporate into a fairy garden for example the Downy WoodMint, they have a sort of pixie look to them. Also you could try some of my favorites it may look odd but they are called Doll Eye Perennials and would add some flair to your garden. I hope your garden turns out well post pics once it is finished,I buy all of my plants from an Online Nursery local grown from Tennessee.

Please post pics when your done with the garden you've got me interested in it!:D

Hope this helps
Have a Great Day

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I am planning to make a fairie garden in an old metal wheelbarrow, the only problem I have run into is to find small farm animals to go in it.
Love everything whimsical in the garden. Other than gnomes we've got some garden tree faces and several funny frog statues (our son is obsessed with frogs) although never thought of creating a fairy garden. Maybe when our daughter gets a bit older would be a fun project!

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