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Cassie!!!! I made it!!!! Well, guys (and you all know who you are...LOL!!) you finally convinced me and I am here. Who is she??? you may be wondering. WEEEELLLL some of you will probably know me as SUNSHINE98 from GH, GW, or GG. Since I missed you all and I decided ok, I'm gonna join, but since it's something new let's get a new name and that's why the change. I'm still me though....LOL!!! So glad to be here and as those who know me know I'm true to my word, a good trader, and willing to help. Glad to be here amongst friends again....!!!!!
Welcome Home! I haven't met you but we have been all the same places. Glad you came. Hope to see you around.
Hey Nancy I am so glad you made it. I hope you are feeling better. Welcome to a great place.
Welcome welcome glad you finally made it, you will like it here.
Also been a member of all the gardening forums you mentioned...I am glad you came by to have some fun
Let's see now. If my old memory serves me correctly, Sunshine 98 provided me with a killer recipe for spare ribs. Essentially it was bake 'em in foil, chill 'em in the refrigitator, grill them with favorite sauce. I have a smoker though and I finish them up with two or three hours in the smoker rather than grilling.
Hi fantasygal1. Glad to see you here. Randy that is cheating and that is not right.
Hi Fantasygal1 glad to see you here with us.Now Where's the recipe for these rib's.Sure sound's good.I love good tender BBQ rib's.
Welcome from the PNW. I haven't been here much lately but I'm sure it's still the same wonderful site with the same amazing people. You'll love it here.
Those ribs do sound YUMMY!
Thank-you all for the warm welcome!!!!

Weeeelll.......I DO have a recipe for ribs that my DH makes but it doesn't sound like the one you have Randy. Wouldn't mind having that myself.....LOL!!! My DH makes his own sauce and the meat falls off of the bone and melts in your mouth.>>>>YUMMY!!!! You probably got me mixed up with Sunshine2638(Penny). It's a normal mistake everyone always mixes us up. Then again we're so similar being both beautiful & intelligent women.....LOL!!! And no flaws to boot.....LOL!!! Glad to be here!!! Missed all of you whom I know and the others I hope to know you soon!!!!!!
Nope, wasn't Penny. I have the name written on the recipe though. I know it got posted on GH but I don't remember now if it was posted here. I have a couple of racks of ribs in the freezer. I really should do them.
Found the origin of the recipe!!!!

Well, after going back and doing some digging back on GH, I solved the mystery....LOL!!!! It was FLOWERCHILD's recipe Randy!! I can even send you a copy of the post. You smoked them with apple smoke. Now that the mistery is solved, I HAVE to thank you for your wonderful APPLE BUTTER!!! Just opened it up about a week ago and it is DELICIOUS!!!!! I'm going to make it last as long as I can....LOL!!! It's just TOOOO good. There was another you sent that was not too sweet not to tart I think it was wisconsin berry or something. Also, DELICIOUS and it will be missed....booo hooo....LOL!!! Well, talk to you later.
After I posted I checked my records and found the recipe with added information in "my documents". So it is posted now here on GF in the recipes forum. I'm thinking I may do that one on Friday now that I have thought about it and I have those ribs in the freezer.

Glad you liked the apple butter and stuff. Doesn't look like I will make any this year as it is the off year for apples. But I do have apples in the 'Beaman' tree and I can make some from them. The McIntosh tree alternates. Last year it produced heavily. This year the apples were few, but it has done this on alternate years for the last 10 years. So next year I can count on a heavy yield again. The berry jam you mention was probably Marionberry. That is the favorite in the house here. The two girls are away to school again so jam consumption will be reduced considerably. Unless they remembered to take a jar from the pantry, they will surely pick up a jar on their first time to come home. I have 4 cases of pints and that may be enough to make it through the season until the berries come in again next July.
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Thanks Randy!!!

That's right it was MARIONBERRY!!! It was delicious. My DH, Matthew, prefers sweets but when he tasted your Marionberry he was in Heaven (His words not mine)...LOL!!! Said it had the right balance between sweet and tart. From us both, your Jams get 2 thumbs up!!!!....LOL!!! DELICIOUS!!!!!! (Heck if I were one of your daughters, I wouldn't take a jar I'd take a whole case......LOL!!!!!) Stay safe and healthy Randy and thanks for the recipe!!!!!
Sorry I'm late with a welcome Fantasygal1. It's great to have you with us again. I've been MIA for a few weeks and trying to catch up again.
As far as Randy's Marionberry jam, he could open his own jam & jelly business and make a fortune. That is the best jam! Of course all his others are great too but the M-berry is my favorite.
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