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Last evening I took these photos of fish flies that swarm around lights!
We have a lamp by one of the sunroom windows that give us quite the display of the diversity of the insect life that comes from the lake during mating season which runs from early April until late October!
There are hundreds of species, all coming out at different times, depending upon water and air temperatures! This year the bugs started early due to the lake water being warmer earlier then is the norm!
We also have dozens of spider species to take advantage of the swarms of fish flies!
If you hate spiders and swarming insects then you would hate where I live!
We just get used to it and accept it as part of the privilage of living by one of the Great Lakes!

Can't remember the name of this particular fish fly, but they are small enough to get through window screening. In the morning I get the vacuum out and suck up the little beggers, only to do it again, and again each morning for a few weeks!
Sorry about the photos being blurry! They simply will not sit still, and move in waves up the outside of the window! Please note the spiderwebs! As quickly as the spider builds them, they are shredded by the shear number of fish flies!


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You know when the air vibrates that there are countless numbers as there are stars!
Looking over to the window they are starting to gather again, but at fewer numbers! Last night must have been their peak in their mating cycle!
Someone once said that if we could gather all the fish flies in any given season, from all the Great Lakes, we would have enough protein to feed the world's poor!
There is a tribe in Africa (I forget the name of the lake) that collect fish flies, when in season, to make patties which they bake/cook!
Around here we have very fat toads, and a multitude of blouted spiders!!


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Many species of birds love them and either catch them on the fly, or go rooting for them in the shrubs and trees!
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