Flower seed that can be scattered in advance for a California wedding

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Hi! My fiancee and I are getting married next August, in northern California near the coast (in a small town around Mendocino). A family friend of ours has a beautiful backyard that they are letting us borrow for the wedding.

We'd like to spruce up the area by adding some flowers if possible (the owners are okay with it of course). However, it's sort of a drive for us so we can't go up there very often and were thinking perhaps there was a type of flower that we could simply go up and sprinkle on some of the grounds and it grow and bloom by August 2011.

Forgive the stupidity on gardening and basic knowledge of living things :)p), but what types of flowers should we be looking at if we want to sprinkle them down on the ground months in advance and have them grow for an August wedding?

Thanks for your help in advance!

Kya D

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Hi there and welcome.

I would maybe buy a mix of wildflower seeds that are especially for your area and broadcast them in the spring so they will be in bloom in august.

This one is on sale for 17.95 a pound and it has lots of different kinds os seeds

Other easy seeds are marigolds, Bachelor Button, cosmos, etc.
Hope this helps.
Again welcome


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Congratulations Gamma!
Kya has offered some great seeds. I also was drawn to think you could "rent" potted flowers from a local florist. Or you could buy some from a garden center to be given as gifts to your host/hostess and you attendants. Seasonal flowers in bloom are always in bloom at garden centers. ;)

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