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Can anyone help me find a good picute of this tree, I have been searching the net but cant seem to find a good pic. I may be getting some rooted cuttings soon and would like to see what it looks like. It sounds just beautiful


Unless you are talking about a weeping pussy willow, the growth habit is the same as the standard. It starts out like a scraggly bush and once established,quickly becomes a tree.
ya its easy to find information on them but getting nice pics to see what they look like is a bit of a challenge. I did find a few that gave me some idea. I really wanted to know how pink they actually look.

thank you bear, that does look pretty..I hope it is that pink:)

I will be gets a few rooted cutting I think so when they get here if they are nice I will be glad to send one on to you:)
Kya, I would really like to get ahold of tulip bulbs..if you have any for trade that would make my day..but if not I will just send you a rooted cutting for postage.
Late bloomer I would love to get a start of regular pussy willow from you. Maybe a little later when it warms up here. It is still freezing here for a while.
Oh River Rock I don't have any tulips right now. For some reason they don't do really well here.
Is there anything else?
I will be thrilled to send postage but if I could find a plant you would like that would be great too
I am just thrilled with my 1st GF plant trade. Can't wait to warm up enough to ship the plants to you.
RR the cuttings are all in water rooting their little hearts out getting ready for their big trip.
LOL..I am excited I cant wait to see how it goes! I will let you know the minute the pussywillow cutting get here.

RR please PM me your addy so I can have it to remind me to get your cuttings to you when the time is right.
Kya D and Treva,
I would be happy to start some for you. It will take about 2 weeks to root so in the meantime send me your addys. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to