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I went out this morning looking at my Azalea's.This little critter jumped on me.Oh my God I slung that thing off.LOL It was wet ,slick and nasty gave me the hebejeebee's.:eek:Then it crawled up the wall.


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A tree frog!
A cute one at that!
We have spring peepers, which are singing up a chorus all day and evening!
I just love those tiny little critters altho I'm afraid of them. I have some but mine are brown. You really have to look close to see them. I don't usually see them until they jump and then I jump to.
Here in the south we call them Spring Peepers. But they are commonly confused with what is now an invasive species that is eating our spring peepers. A Cuban Rain Frog is now taking over the southeast as a non native invasive. They actully get about 2 to 3 times the size of our common rain frogs which people also call tress frogs. They say at the rate of increase they will surely cause our little peepers to be come extinct in the warmer states. The Cuban Frog has a bright white to yellow stripe on his lower jaw, and it seems to glow. I will see if I can get pictures of both so you can see the diff. Your little guy looks like he might be an import.
I didn't know about the Cuban Rain Frogs! They can't have my squirrel tree frogs! This could be war if they spread further north!

The pictures I'm googling up shows them as more brown than green, though. Do you know of any good sites? Gotta start guarding my loverly tree frogs now.
Another little green friend.Watering my flower's this afternoon it jumped out of the hydrangea onto the wall.:eek:


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This is my little brown froggie. He was sitting on my screen door looking like he was scared to death.


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Kwetie!! Too Kwetie!!

I love your lil Green Buddies!!!

we don't see anything like that up here!!

I'd be so happy to see those

*but it don't take much to entertain me*:p
I found a new friend Saturday.Cleaning around a few potted plant's.Raked the leave's away and there it was.Almost raked it with my hand.:eek::eek:Raked a few leaves back over it.


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