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I just bought a galric bulb from gurneys not knowing this is not the time of year to plant it. I am just starting to learn these things. So what do i do now? Can I still plant the garlic or is it a total loss?

Help please!

I wouldn't think they would send it to you now if you couldn't plant it. I thought you could plant it spring or fall. I'm sure someone with some knowledge will let us know.
I would go ahead and plant it because even if it doesn't head out really well you can dig it in the fall and seperate the bulbs and re-plant it and check it again in the next fall.
That is my opinion only
Maybe someone else knows for sure.
I plant my garlic in late september early october and then it's ready to dig in august, you can plant it now but may end up with small bulbs but can always pull them and divide them and replant them. I grow about 40 each year we use it in everything.
you should have no problem planting your garlic...I just planted garlic and onion sets last weekend..
Thanks I will plant it soon as it gets here, the order is on the way now. I am so excited:) Many new things this year and lots of learning:) Thanks everyone.

While garlic likes cooler conditions you can plant it at anytime. However keep in mind the optimum growing occures in cooler weather. I plant mine in the late fall and it over winters and is ready for harvest in mid spring. However I am planting another round now which will be ready about June /July just before it gets too hot!
CG, I am surprised that you can get garlic to grow in spring and summer. I must have my techniques off, as we had a hard time getting good heads in Canada. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to