Hanging garden

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New Member
with the lack of ground space, I went with a hanging veggie garden

# 1 pole beans got a late start

#2 Alaska mix Nasturtiums

#3 Pickling cucumbers





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I was going to put the pole bean box lower but then I would be feeding the family next door too, not that I don't mind sharing the beans but there not nice people :eek:

Kya D

Active Member
I wonder if you could train the beans to run along the fence, sure would make harvesting easier


New Member
Kya, I didn't think about that,why not they grow up so why not side ways, I can run wire along the fence and let them grow on it, gives me more room for growing space Thanks for the idea


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Staff member
awesome idea, keep us updated on their progress
planted 12 tomato and 6 pepper plants in the garden
got 2 hanging ones to plant maters in, got to get the container ready
for the string beans, going to plant some in the garden too, go to get the cukes and squash in, want to plant a bigger garden but need to get some more 8' fencing so I can expand what I have. The deer got into the containers last yr, first time in about 8 yrs that they have touched them. going to stake some chicken wire that i have around them to try to keep them safe this yr.

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