Heart Healthy Recipes

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Just wondering if anyone has any tried and true low fat, low cholesterol recipes that they would like to share. My common sense is telling me whole grains, fresh and frozen fruit and veggies, and lean cuts of meat and fish...
Someone asked about a fish 'recipe' for tilapia. AND THIS IS NOT heart healthy but tasty for any fish ~ melt butter. Dip the fish in it and roll it in Ritz cracker crumbs with Old Bay Seasoning. Only do this like once a year and eat Cheerios for dessert.
I'm pretty sure it is because of how we have lived our lives up til now.. We didn't all know better on some things
I saw on a handout sheet that I got the other night at diabetes support group that a recipe was included for Spanish rice. I have wanted a recipe but had not done any research for it as yet. The recipe calls for the quick-cooking brown rice, but I will stick to regular brown when I make it.
We should all try to eat better. Here is one tip, use the new spray on dressing for your salad. Ken's makes a Rasberry spray that even my husband likes.
I had to eat fat free, I mean absolutely no fat, on Wednesday because I had an ultrasound done on Thursday. I found a really good fat free Balsamic Vinigrette. Amazing how many things have fat that you would think don't. I found an awful fat free cheese, it is gross, found a good fat free yogurt, and puffed wheat. I ate some fat free baked beans from a can too, they were awful. Oh well, I lived thru the day, but it sure got me thinking. After having fruit and salad all day I was pretty weak, puffed wheat saved the day. I also found that fat free milk isn't so bad if you put a little Hershey's syrup in it...it is fat free too.
Ok, here is one I am going to try on Hubby next week...he is trying to be a sport, but giving up white bread and having his red meat cut down to once a week is a toughy. If we can keep this thread up maybe I will keep us on track.
I think that with the fresh vegetable and fruits we should be able do better with our eating habits. I need to loose a few unwanted pounds right now.
Dawn I can't wait to start picking my blackberries. The bushes are loaded right now.
I envy anyone who lives close to fresh veggies and fruit.
I feel very fortunate to have always lived in an area rich in horticultural crops. One county over from us is apple capital of the east coast...they also grow many other fruit crops. Tell us about Utah, I admit, I am ignorant about many areas other than the east coast. I am not proud of that. Too bad I was born in San Diego and only lived there for 6 months or so, and then moved to Ketchican Alaska and only was there until I was 1 1/2 or so. Then we came east and have been there ever since.
We have an abundance of fresh fruit and veggies here. One of the fruitm stands has avocados, asparagus, tomatoes, peppers, squash, ..........and a whole lot of stuff!!!

Yes Dale, we do need to eat better.

Maybe we can copy all of them from the other thread to this one.
How cool is that Kim? We are apples, pears, apricots, cherries, and you are the summer veggies and fruits. I love that we can share all of this. That is what I would like, to get all of this onto one supportive thread. My dinner tonight was really healthy and hubby didn't complain. It is on the What's for dinner thread. I thought it had great flavor. Down three pounds since last week. I know a lot of it is no drinking booze and getting yard work done. Hubby is down 3 pounds too.
Let's support each other.
Check out Kya's thread on where you live and what happens there, sorry Kya, that isn't the name of it, but close enough. Tell us where you live is the name, sorry.
There are so many things that are prepared by the food industry that tastes good, but are really not good for us. Our diabetes educator pointed out that "high fructose corn syrup" is used for enhacing taste in many foods that you would not suspect. It pays to read the labels carefully. I have been buying some "health bars" for carb snacks and when I looked at the ingredients, there was the high fructose corn syrup. The writing on the package was all about how healthy they are. Bummer.

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