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You should never quit teaching. It is programmed in your brain. I have an aunt who is a teacher, and so was her hubby. She is awesome. Manners are always a plus in lifeskills.
Curbie, I am going to have an opportunity in a few days. I don't know how this kid found out, but he asked me this morning to teach him how to braze. I asked him what kind and he wanted to know about bronze. This is going to be fun. He will get to learn how to handle a torch and set the gas mixture while we are doing it. I taught a kid one time how to do silver brazing and years later he stopped by my house with his brother just to thank me for that. He told me that it helped him land a job with a plumbing company and he was able to work his way through college that way. He is a professor now at a university in Colorado. He was turned down by the Air Force academy many years back and I believe the air force lost a good man.
Oh, Randy ~ How loverly is that? Of course, I know nothing about brazing but he obviously sought out the best teacher :). (What is brazing???? Like polishing with a blow torch.....i really don't know about this. I thought you brazed meat.) Teaching is an has an intrinsic value within your soul. We don't get paid except by the appreciation of the recipient. How old is your 'student'? ~ Curbie :)
He is still in high school, but I don't know what level. I suspect he is at least 16 but probably 17. Brazing is similar to soldering, but it takes considerably more heat as it involves metals with higher melting points. Welding is the process where the same metal is used to join pieces whereas brazing uses dissimilar metals. I worked in refrigeration for many years and brazing with silver alloys was just about an every day experience.

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