heehee Guess who??

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deck chucker

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Hi all! I just added another forum to my list of about 500 I'm on. If I get lost please send up a flare for me. Nice to see so many old friends around. :)
Hi there - and welcome aboard .... now I don't recognize the name...but do recognize the deck chucking reference - what did I know you as on GG??
deck chucker...hmmmm give the old brain sometime I might make the connection. But Welcome! 500 forums sounds like a full time job+.
caz is not in zone 5, he's in zone 7
maybe he put down the incorrect zone
i thought the same too until i saw the zone 5
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Welcome deck chucker......oh, my........500 forums you are on..........you are one busy person/lady............
You got it! :D No, kidding. I had so many bookmarks and links that my computer revolted on me and I had to start certain things from scratch again. My whole bookmark section was gone! And I don't know if my music files went or if I just haven't found those yet. My son found my pictures and poetry. I was a panicking peony!
I've been doing a lot of genealogy research and have 358 in my family tree so far and I haven't gotten everyone recorded yet. I'm back to the 16 century now in part of it. It's full of surprises and reunions, too.

Thank you for the warm welcome. :)
You will be surprised when you see all the old names again. It's like old home days here. A few have changed their names but most are the same as the old GG days
Welcome Poetic Peony.....it is so great to see you! I have missed your whit from the old forum days.....hope you drop by a lot - put this forum on the top of your bookmark list, ok??? What a pain loosing all your bookmarks, etc...our lives are so dependent on computers now!
I just figured out who was the deck chucker and found I wasn't the first. Wasn't it Caz that gave you that 'handle'?

Nice to see you again PP. :eek:)
Poe! 'er...um.... deck chucker!

LOL So good to see you again!

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