heirloom rose

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Kya D

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I have a rose that grows along my fence. It grows root suckers and needs to be thinned. This rose is a shrub, spreads, has an abundance of yellow flowers, smells devine and has tons of stickers. It grew along fences in yards when I was a kid growing up. The bushes were very old even 50 yrs ago when I was little.
If anyone is interested in some of these root suckers PLMK and in a few weeks I will get them dug and shipped.
It kinda looks like this http://forums.gardenweb.com/forums/load/rosesorg/msg0418401927985.html
the picture of "Morning has broken"
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It may be this one taken from growquest site
http://www.growquest.com/rose section/shrub rose harrison.htm

Harrison's Yellow Rose

A true American old rose is the Harrison's Yellow, which was discovered on a farm on Manhattan in 1837 (before the island was taken over completely by the city of New York). So popular was this sunny flower that pioneer women routinely took cuttings to carry with them across the wilderness to their new homes in the west. In fact, it would almost be possible to follow the progress of the pioneer trail by observing the plantings of Harrison's Yellow across the country!

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