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Hello, Name is Joe and just looking for a place to hang out and talk about gardening as I usually do with every hobby I pick up.

Live in Kentucky and teach computer related subjects at a local Jr. College and in spare time spend it in my yard and garden; unless its raining which turns out to be today then I fall back to another hobby which is inside on the PC :D
Hi Joe I am so glad that you joined us.
We sure do have a lot of garden wise people here and we are ALL VERY friendly.
So sit back and ENJOY your stay.
If you have any questions or any advice please jump right in.
Welcome Joe! I am sure you will feel at home here since its a great place to meet new friends, share ideas, and trade. Glad to have you on board!:)
Hello Joe, you've come to the right place to hang out and talk gardening. What do you have growing? Flowers? Vegetables? Herbs? All of the above?
I have a little of each and enjoy every minute I can get free to dig in the dirt. Looking forward to getting to know you and your garden..welcome aboard.
Welcome Joe
Glad you joined us. We have others from KY here too.
Jump right in and make yourself at home.
What kind of gardening do you do? i do some of each
Hey Joe!
Welcome aboard!
If you have any questions feel free to ask!
There is usually someone on most times during the day!
Hi ya Joe! Glad you joined us. You know you can come here anytime even if it's not raining;) So what do you grow Joe? Flowers, veggies, ornamentals? Orgainc or chemicals??
Hi Joe glad you found us. We all share the same addiction. I knew I had the problem when I found myself out in the garden with a flash light puttering before the sun came up. LOL I knew if any body saw that, the men in the white coats would surely be showing up to take me away lol
Hi Joe glad to meet a new friend.


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Hi Joe, Welcome, its always nice to meet new people, you found a bunch of great people and we all love to help out when we can, so jump right in and enjoy
Hi Joe! You're in good company with a bunch of gardening geeks who like to play around on computers too. I'm in Texas, and I like hanging out outside too, but around this time of the year, it gets too dang hot to stay out for very long...95 degree temps are pretty much the norm for her this time of year! Thankfully, we aren't as humid as some places are.
Joe Hi and welcome from South Carolina. Let me know if I can help you.
Welcome Joe! I'm in Ohio so I guess I'm your neighbor! You have found a great place and lots of nice people.
Hellow and welcome Joe. I am another Texas. Glad you found us, jump right in and make yourself at home.
Welcome, Joe. I have to tell you though that we are pretty fond of people from the Bluegrass State. We even have a thred in one of the forums for them and those of us that like to parley with them. I am in rainy old Oregon, but we are in the drier months right now.

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