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I live in washington State, and the weather is so amazing right now that my hands already have the tell-tale sign that I've been playing in the dirt. Last year was my first time ever gardening on my own (with a little manual labor help from my fiance'). I have been helping my mother and older sister garden for as far back as I can remember. I moved away from my family in Maine in November 2008, so now I'm on my own with my family and our garden here in Sequim, Washington. The weather here is delightful! Sequim is in the rain shadow of the Olympic Mountain range so we get a lot of beautiful sun, hence the nickname "Sunny Sequim", unlike a lot of our surrounding towns and cities. Our growing season here is much longer than in Maine where I am originally from. I am really enjoying this climate.

Last year I decided to start with herbs, and then I decided "hey, what the heck?" and started growing perennial flowers. All of the plants I planted last year had already been started for me, but this year I am starting a lot of things by seed or bulb. I am so excited to see the outcome, but I have never done this before so I have a lot of research to do. I'm very glad I found this community. I've already read some great tips about the particular plants that I am interested in growing this year.
Welcome aboard,my sis once lived in Seattle ( now in New Mexico ) - jump right on in anywhere you find that excites ya - we'll make room!!
Welcome once again! :)
Hello Little Mama...I am in Pacific Northwest...Oregon...I also have been getting my hands all dirty...LOL..put in peas and onions...they may or may not make it...but it sure feels good while in wait for spring...Welcome to the place
Hi mama you are going to love your new found life as a gardener. Once you see your perennials grow from seed you won't be able to control yourself. and by the 3rd year when they leap you will think you are in dirt heaven. The old saying is, The first year they sleep the 2nd year they creep and the third year they leap. The best advice I can give you as a new gardener is to really believe the spacings guides the seed packages give. your little 2 inch plant is going to be 3 ft high and 3 ft around in no time at all and you will need spacing between them .
You are going to meet a lot of folks here that are very willing to help you with what ever you will need.
See you around the threads
Hi there and WELCOME to the family. You are gonna love it here. Just ask, comment. whatever but most important ENJOY!!!!!!
Deb, you are right on time with the peas and I think you are okay with the onions too.

LWM, I have heard a lot about Sequim, but have never been there. A number of years back I took my family on a vacation to Port Townsend and we spent about ten days up there. I am in western Oregon also just a little north of Debe. Welcome to the forum.
Welcome! So you have caught the full blown gardening bug. Well this is a great place for info and new buddies. We all can't wait for spring so you are not alone. We look forward to hearing of your garden adventures in your new state. You have some very talented neighbors up there who are members of this forum. I know they will be happy to help with any regional questions you have. Glad you found us!
Glad to have you here. Can't wait to hear what you are growing and how it is doing.
Welcome Little Willow I love your username.Glad your here jump in and look around.Alway's have something interesting going on here.Welcome to our GF family.


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Deb, you are right on time with the peas and I think you are okay with the onions too.

Thanks for the second on them kind sir...was in hopes to put more in this weekend if the darn rain would stop...will have the three grandson's for a few days and then MP for 10 more day's after...so we will have our hands dirty...going to fire up the greenhouse :)
We have that class about seed selection put on by the extension office on the 6th of March. But I think I will get my seeds started before that, at least the peppers and tomatoes.

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