Hello from Arkansas

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I'm a longtime gardening fan who now writes a blog about gardening for people with bad backs, arthritis and other health concerns.

I hope to learn a lot from the smart gardeners here!
Welcome! I agree with Kya, we teach, we learn. From one bad back to another , gardening is a labor of love especially when you are in pain;)
Welcome Blackwood glad to have a new gardening friend.I have back problem's it hold's me back from alot of thing's I would love to do in my garden.:(


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Hello and welcome Blackwood. I was born and raised in Arkansas and now live in the Houston area. I love gardening but am limited because of rheumatoid arthritis. It does not stop me though from doing all that I can and enjoying the fruits of my labor. You will find lots of wonderful gardening friends here.
Hello from Indiana!!! There are sooo many WONDERFUL and informative people on here. Have a question and just ask someone will know.
I was in a nasty car wreck in '95 which resulted in 2 ruptured disks - back surgery - physical therapy for 9 months --- BUT I work in the garden everyday that I can and if my back is hurtin' then I find a task that isn't so hard AND I call for reinforcements. There are days that it can be too bad but sometimes working outside can take the pain away. I hope you can enjoy doing what you love. Take care
hello from Louisiana I can relate and I am glad that I can have friends who do understand . thanks a lot

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