Hello from Australia

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Hi all I love to look at gardens from all over the world .Sometimes to drool over things I can't grow,sometimes to look at snow ,when it's so unbearable here:eek:. i can't share cuttings but commercial seeds I can. I love the way people from elsewhere say about the catalogues we get only 2.
Hi Belladonna and welcome to Gardenforums, glad you stopped by. I hope all the troubles in Australia have not touched your garden. I also love to see other folks gardens. Post some pictures when you can. Look around and jump in where ever you like, we are a very friendly group of gardeners and love meeting new friends.
Welcome. Nice to have you join us. I hope you have checked out the catalog threads. We have one that reads like a review of tried and true purchases. We look forward to hearing of your gardens Downunder.
Glad to have you join us here. jump right in and make yourself at home, lots of friendly ppl here with lots of great knowledge.
Welcome Belladonna. If it's any comfort, we also envy you the lovely plants in your country that we can't get here. Happy to have you aboard!!!

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