Hello from cold Ohio

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Hello all

SandiB here from Ohio. It is 24 degrees and has been snowing most the day..have to admit..I LOVE SNOW!:p

I garden to attract butterflys and hummingbirds. Also do vegtable gardening.

I have met some wonderful garden "buds" and see many of them here...anxious to get involved and posting!:)

Nice to be here...feels very comfy.
Welcome Sandi, it's always warm at the GardenForums! So join us for a little conversation and some garden tips.
Sandi - welcome from the east coast of Canada! We are in about the same climate and zone as you are - but I don't care for snow!!! My gardens are all tucked away - under the snow blanket - and waiting for spring!! I so love hummers too - and have feeders on our kitchen windows so we can be entertained by them! See you around the forum - this is a great site!
Welcome Sandi. Glad you came on in. I know you will enjoy the site..it's everything you'd want in a gardening site and more. The members are a great bunch of folks and makes one feel right at home.
Sit back, relax, get involved, and enjoy!
Welcome Sandi. I think I know the name from another site. Glad to see you here and hope to get to know you better.
I'm in zone 5 but we have not had alot of snow so far. We did get some in Dec but then got rain so it all melted. More coming Sat night and then the cold from Alaska will hit us later in the week. High on Fri is only suppose to be 7° BRRRRR
Hi there Sandi

I am so glad to see you have joined us.
BTW how is your sis doing. Better I hope but I well know of the ups and downs she is going thru.
Thank you all

Thanks to everyone for the warm welcome.

Kya..Sis has not stopped crying and I don't think she ever will.
Hi there and welcome to the group........we are supposed to get snow lateron....but you can have it if you want.....tee hee
It sleeted here this morning but not suppose to have any accumulation. High will be 45!!! Heat wave. Hope everyone stays safe and warm.
She will stop crying but it will take time. The pain never goes away but it does ease enough that it isn't constant.
Wish her my best
Hi SandiB,
Go peek at the Veggie and Butterfly threads!
And Roses if you love them too ;):D:D


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