Hello from Mississippi!

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Hi and Welcome to our place. It's good to see a new face.
We have some here that are from MS so they will be able to answer questions and give adivce from local. But all the rest of us will be thrilled to jump in any where we can
Hello and welcome Freshbloomer. I think you'll find a load of gardening friends here and hope you enjoy the company. We're glad to have you with us.
Hi Freshbloomer! Welcome. We are so glad you are here. This group loves to learn new thigs as well as share what we know. Jump right in and make yourself at home.
Hope to see you around.
Welcome to the forum, FB. You don't by any chance know an old guy named Fountain down there in Biloxi, do you. I have included a picture of him, but he was considerably younger then. He was one of my shipmates many years ago. He is the one on the right.


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Welcome to the forum! I'm kind of new too but this is an awesome site with lots of friendly people and tons of good plant info! :)

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