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WOW! I was searching for some stuff and found this plase!
My name is Helen and I live in FL. I grow all types of plants but my very favorite are succulent and fat plants. There are some gardening challenges in FL, even though we have warm weather most of the year. This winter was not good to us and our garden.
I walked around the yard yesterday and was so sad seeing the damage this very odd winter has brought to us. My angel trumpets are gone and I will have to cut back my plumerias that I have and hope they return. The ginger will be cut to the ground for the new growth to begin. The great thing is I will soon be out in my yard digging, moving, and replanting.
I hope I will meet new friends here and we will share our gardening challenges, experience, success and failure.

Be Happy everyone spring is just around the corner.:)
Hi Mo!
Welcome to our forum!
Hop right in and get dirty!
If you have any question feel free to ask!
Hi Mocropot welcome to GF and glad you found us. Make yourself at home and jump in where ever you please.
Hi Mo,
I am a fellow Fl gardener and I feel your pain. Eveything you mentioned above are the very things I am mourning as well. I do believe the Angels will come back from the ground! My stands of ginger were over 8 feet , now reduced to about 3 feet of brown watse. My bananas also maybe toast.
What part of Fl are you in. I am in NE Central just above Daytona but a shade below St.A.
Look forward to talking Fl gardening with you.
Welcome I too have lost things this winter. so because I just didn't get them brought in, some because I was in denial of the cold and then there were some the cold would have killed anyway. I mulched many things and hope they come back. I guess we will see come spring. I'm from central texas.
Welcome to GF Mocropot what part of Fl are you from?I'm from Alabama about 30 minutes from Fl line.I have Angel Trumpet's(Brug's) too.I trim them back to ground level in the fall they alway's come back.So don't give up on your's just yet their tough .


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I am in Tampa FL. This winter I did not know where I am, because of the cold. It did not look like FL and it is still cold. I have a lot of plants in pots, so I was able to save those. I put it in my screen room. I covered everything what was in the ground, but it did not help. You should see my back yard it looked like we have Christmas forever, because I put Christmas light on my young palms to save it. I just could not accept I might loose it. It does have some damage, but they are not dead 
I can not wait for our 70F-80F, so we can be outside in our gardens.
Crabbergirl, I know Angels usually come back, but this time it does not look good, but we will see. I do hope it will come back. My plumeria can not mature because second year in a row it gets damaged in a winter time.
Lynpenny, I’ve heard you guys in TX had a bad winter too. I am with you, so we would need to start all over. Is it what gardening about?

Lets just hope my friends the spring is just around the corner and then we are out!!!!!!!!!!!!
I think your trumpets will come back we have frost every winter and they come right back in the spring.Sound be coming out soon.:)
Welcome to GF Mo, glad to have you with us. I can relate to the misfit winter. I'm on the coast of SC and we had 8-9 inches of snow 2 weeks ago for the first time in 20 years! This is a first for my flowers and I'm afraid I lost some too..time will tell. Keep us informed of how your gardens are doing.
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Will do Gloria! I am so sorry to hear about your weather and garden! I feel your pain and lets just hope it will come back!

Helen it is so good to have you join our gardening family. Sounds like you will fit right in.
Welcome and jump in and ENJOY!!!!!!!
I used to live in south FL - many years ago. Didn't do much gardening then, but we did have a lemon and a grapefruit tree. What little I did know about gardening back then didn't apply in FL anyway. I do envy you the ability to get out and work. It is still too early to do much here in MD.

Hello Mo, Don't be discouraged on your plants. winter has bad effects on most plants. on the plus side .. all those manure from the dead leaves will make planting more fruitful in the summer and spring..Enjoy

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