Hello I'm Nini From FQG

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Hello I'm Nini! I love plants and flowers and gardening. I've come here to give some advice as well as to share stories or happiness about what we produce.

I run first quality gear which is an up and coming website for garden tools. I run it with my step grandfather and we're a great team.

I can't wait to look around and see what you all are talking about! Thanks so much for having me here I'm glad to be a part of your forum.


Btw this is me!
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Welcome,but yea - What does FQG mean or stand for??? ( see,you weren't in the game by yourself Curbie ) :p
Anyway,enjoy getting those hands dirty with us all NiniFQG!!
I KNOW I will call you ninnyFrog sooner or later so PLEASE do not be offended. Always nice to know I'm not alone PRH. See NiniFQG, you will not be alone either b/c we care ~ :)
FQG welcome to gardenforums. Do you have another name we can use when addressing you, as you can already see we do develop nick names for our garden friends rather quickly, so please don't be offended. How long have you and your grandfather been working on your web site? Wishing you much success with your up and coming business. I hope you look to our members for any advise you may need with gardening, as we have very many talented gardeners here and a few with Greenhouse businesses.
Have a look around and jump in where ever you like. Hope to see you around the threads.
Oh, and FQG.....don't worry if you post something on the wrong thread b/c we tend to wander on any thread I am on.....so do wander through. Hope you find some significant information about friends and family and gardens. ~ Curbie
Welcome from the PNW. I haven't been here much lately but I'm sure it's still the same wonderful site with the same amazing people. You'll love it here.
Here we go again ~ PNW = Please Need ________ ??????? Pass _____ ______??? Being dyslexic, I think "What Nice Pasta"= PNW! Well, we're also glad you are here, too. :) ~ Curb
In your case , Curbie, it would probably be ANE (Atlantic NorthEast). But the closest ocean we have is the Pacific. How in the world it ever got called peaceful is beyond me. The guy that named it saw it from this side too. I forget who that was. Balboa?
Welcome Nini, glad you found our friendly gardening site and hope you enjoy our company.
Nice grape vine you have there. I have a couple of vines too but they didn't do well this season.
Good luck with your garden tool website.

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