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I was invited here by my friend Ron, although I've got many other friends here too. We've all migrated from elsewhere, for a variety of reasons which need not be explained here. I joined because I love to talk about everything having to do with gardening, and because I've made so many amazing friends that I wanted a venue where I could remain in contact with them.

I'm from Texas, although I'm not a native. Thanks to my forum gardening friends, I've been introduced to all sorts of exotic and tropical flowers, and my husband would probably blame all of you for my new found obsession, but I'm the nearest target and he doesn't know any of you, so you are all spared. I think he's getting used to some of them, even learning to LIKE plants! He's the quintessential computer geek and nerd.

Suffice it to say that many of you know me as the Texas Yankee, a name that was given to me by a beloved friend from another site who apparently joined up here.

I have been lurking, but I'll try to be more active. For a variety of reasons that I've since abandoned, I wasn't sure that my posting here was ethical or appropriate. I've reconsidered and decided that I can't let things get in the way of remaining in contact with friends.

I've always had a dream of being able to write, and lately I've been doing that (for a small bit of money,) and what could be more awesome than being able to write about plants and gardening or sharing that love with friends in a place like this where things actually WORK!

I've missed many of my friends, and I'm thrilled to be back among you and anxious to meet some new faces, some of whom I know to be friends of those who invited me here.

Forgive me for this lengthy post, but I felt that I owed you all an explanation and an apology.

The Texas Yankee:D
Welcome Texas Yankee this is a great site.There are alot of old friends here from other forums.I'm always glad to have another gardening friend.Just jump in and have fun.:)
Welcome Plant Lover!
Now tell me... what are the plants that you love!??

Welcome ....Have a nice stay! :D

Anything that grows, and whatever I don't kill....I've been known to do that more often than I care to admit! I love cannas (I love pink sunburst, Lucifer, and some of the dwarf varieties, but also Florence Vaughn and Cleopatra,) I love gingers, I'm in love with the multi colored corkscrew vine, I love Adeniums, any kind of jasmine, hibiscus, BRUGMANSIAS (preferably dwarf ones,) I love exotic and fragrant stuff, and I'm obsessed with hummingbirds, so I grow and plant a ton of stuff to lure them. So far, I've managed to get them to come back for two or three years in a row. That's not bad considering we've just lived here a bit over 4 years, and I'd never seen a hummingbird until I saw the first one here.

Since I had to dig up all that I had in the ground (apartment dwelling SUCKS,) I'm pretty much restricted to keeping things on my patio. I do have a few things in the ground and I've been allowed to keep them there -- Russian Red Cannas give one of my bedrooms privacy, and Rose of Sharon bushes that are so deeply entrenched in this rocky ground that it would take a bulldozer to dig them up....so now I don't have the amount of light that I had before.....I'm trying to find things that like more filtered light but that aren't the run of the mill type things like impatiens.
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So glad you joined us!
In a way we are all transplants from various other garden forums!
Each forum has its own unique attraction. GF is more of a chatty type of garden forum, so, jump right in and enjoy!:)
Good to see you my dear friend. Hope you are having a good day.
I think you will really find it to fun which is as it should be. I saw I got a notification about being a "friend". For some reason, I haven't been able to respond to those. When I try, I get booted. There are a couple of threads that do the same to me, so I can't post in them either. But there are plenty where I can, so that's okay. It's good to see you here.
Welcome Plantlover.
As Ron said, we're all tranplants from various sites, so.. no explainations needed here. I know you'll like this site, there's always good conversation going and the members are the best. Glad you decided to join us.
Hello Plantlover glad to see you. I accepted your friend notification. Hope you enjoy yourself here.
Plant Lover! Glad you came out..... well, glad you've come in out of the cold. I believe I've been hindered by the same agonizing as you have. Yes there are many friends here.... some from way back and some more recent.
Plant lover
Welcome from the willamette valley of oregon
I'm a new kid too and this is such a nice bunch of people
melanie aka oremudpie
Plantlover............WELCOME......make yourself at home, and enjoy. See you around the forum...........:)
Hi there Plantlover/ texas yankee

I am so glad you are here cuz ya know we love ya.
Yep, sometimes change is neccessary and needed for the benefit of ones happiness and sanity! Oh gosh, where are the smilies??? Opps, did a quick reply, no smilies...oh well...((big toothy grin!))
Oh MY Gosh!!!!!!!!
Hellooooooo my Friend!
So glad you are here!
Friends Old and New
Friends Forever TRUE!

Love You....:D
Plantlover I am glad you decided to join in the fun. It is nice that you see friendly familiar faces here, there are so many great folks here that I am sure you will feel right at home in no time at all.

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