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Kya D

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I need ideas on how to make enough shade for another shade garden in my yard.:D
We don't have any mature trees and there is not a garden area on the north
side of the house.:confused:
Any ideas will be helpful.:)
THANKS in advance
I only have field fence and chain link but I am thinking of a trellis of some type. Hopefully not too spendy. I'm kinda at a loss
Everyone's definition of "pricey" varies, but Lowes had some really nice trellis's the other day - I didn't price them, but I did check out the straight ones and they were around $60. If you have any old wood around though, you could easily pick up an inexpensive piece of lattice and frame it yourself for around $20 or less probably. If you have lots of wood, this could even be a tri-fold kind of thing almost like a dressing screen which would give you even more shade.

Also, I found doors at ReStore (by Habitat for Humanity) the other day for $8 a piece that were really nice - 2 or 3 of them together could make for a great shady area. They had solid doors, or screen doors, or the glass front doors like french doors, and none of them were over $10.

You could also build a frame with some old wood or furring strips which are less than $2 a piece usually and then use tin, or some other form of metal inside them to create that country feel. I'd probably white wash the whole thing to "age" it. You can also buy bead board paneling for under $10 a sheet and if it were framed right, it would stand - I'd poly the whole thing before I left it outside, but that could be a really nice backdrop too.

Or, you could build the frame, and then use PVC pipe (dirt cheap) painted in any color strung up and down and make a great background wall for whatever you wanted to grow.

There's a few ideas anyway. Hope something inspires you to find the right thing for your yard. I'm sure you'll hit on something. Think "Repurposing".
I like that too. You could even attach hangers to the tops of some for hanging plants at various heights along the way....... just a thought.
You're welcome

I thought it looked awesome - I've been scouring over it off and on all day trying to figure out what I have of any of that to do something fun with.

I just took a bunch of really nice plastic/vinyl ?? lattice out of the neighbor's trash - trying to figure out what to do with it. There's a lot there and I just couldn't let it go to the dump when my yard is in such a mess!
I want neighbors like yours SassyWVGirl! We took lattice and framed it and am going to have morning glories growing up it for shade.

You can also use old wood shutters. Put 3 together with hinges and have flowers grow up them. Good way to screen out nosy neighbors.
I'm gonna drive thru that way again for the next few days to see what else he tosses because I haven't seen anything go up at his house that involved that lattice. That tells me that he's still workin' on something over there in that garage and who knows what will hit the trash pile next!!! But if it's good, it'll be at my house instead of the dump.
I love to find good things on neighbors trash piles and they are welcome to take from mine. I have a lovely white Crepe myrtle that my son took from someone's trash several years ago. He has a bycycle sitting on the side of my house he is going to fix up for his oldest son to keep at my house. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to