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I found this bush growing in the edge of the woods by my house. I didn't plant it...I don't think!:eek:
It has leaves similiar to a Butterfly bush but they seem to be slightly varigated. The flowers form a tower of three or four high, each growing from a stem from the center of the flower below it. It's very unusaul...I'm trying to root cuttings. Does anyone know what it could be?


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It is a type of monarda.
Monarda punctata to be exact!
Common name is 'Spotted Horsemint'.
That's it!! With a name, I was able to look it up. Thanks Ron. You were also right KYA, it's also known as spotted bee balm. I'd never seen one before so I was curious to know. I know I didn't plant it so a bird must have dropped a seed!! The article I read said that the leaves could be used as a substitute for oregano. I think I'll just enjoy looking at it and the butterflies it attracts!
I think the leaves would be better used to make tea!;)
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