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This is all my new blooms. I have lots that is getting ready to bloom.
1. Butter cups
2. Happy Returns Day Lilly
3. Lavender
4. Red and Yellow Yarrow
5. Yellow Yarrow


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OMGosh Ms. T those are really Gorgeous
I love yarrow, I have several colors and that happy returns is so cute
Thank you all. My bee balm and red trumpet vine is beginning to bloom but the trumpet vine is like 40 feet up and can't get a picture of that. The hummers sure like it though. The storm we had on saturday tumbled some of my flowers like my 4 foot hibiscus and beards tongue. 70 mph winds will do that and the rain beat up my strawberries. But my garden made it through it.
No rain but boy is the wind blowing. If this keeps up I'm going to end up on Kya's doorstep before long. I shouldn't complain because it's blowing harder just a little north east of here. I did a lot of staking so I think everything will be okay. Even had to stake my pepper plants. The bush green beans seem to be holding on to one another and hanging on for dear life. Makes me sad to see the roses being blown all over the yard. Oh well they'll bloom again.
Ms T if you want other yarrow I have apple blossom, terra cotta, red, wine, yellow and white.
Maybe we could trade for those iris later if the fall.
I have what is called the Carnival Yarrow. Is pretty, starts out dark pink, purple, then light pink, and white. Always has different colors going on it.
We just had another storm with 65mph winds so not sure what will be standing tomorrow.
Double Decker Bee Balm

Some of my Bee Balm is doing this. I call them my double deckers LOL


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i used to have yellow, pink and white yarrow, i gave it to the nursing home where my grammie was a few yrs ago as the white was spreading, i didn't realize that the yellow and pink didnt spread like the white does or i would have never given it away
still digging white out of my gardens
Laurie I'm so glad you said that. I had the white at my last house and after that I didn't even dare try the other colors even though I think they are so pretty. Now I may just give them a try. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to