Hey Treeman!

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My poor japanese maple didn't make that freeze we had a couple years ago:(. We have replaced with a dappled willow that I love but have no clue when and how to trim it back, which it needs really bad now. can you help me?:eek:
Hi Cheri,

I'm not the treeman, but here ya go.

They can be pruned anytime for shape and color.

You may give it a severe prune now and again during the season for color.

You may want to keep pruning to give it or keep a shape.

A fast growing shrub/tree, you can cut anytime.


Hey Cheri, Good to see FishinBC again... its been quite a while. Welcome. Sorry I failed to respond to this thread. I've not been on a lot lately. Looks like Ron has given more than adequate advice. I'll leave it at that.

Hope to see you around more,

That's perfect advice on staying on top a fast growing 'weed' tree!
Try to wait until it is in full foliage before pruning it, as the cut ends will bleed sap for a few weeks!
I picked up a tiny piece of this strub on the ground at a nursery about 18 months ago. It rooted and is now about a foot and a half tall. Before I decide where to put it in the ground can someone tell me how big will this shrub get? How tall? How wide? Right now it has a main leader with a few tiny branches. Will it bush out on it's own or should I prune it?
Thanks all! I whacked it back pretty hard just before to sprouted the start of leafs a few days ago. This one is on a tree graft and my whacking seems to have had no ill effects on it. thanks again. Nice to see you to Wes!

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