Hi all!

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I am finally here! Thanks Gloria for the invite! :D Seeing lots of names I already know! For those I don't already know, Hi I'm Jen! I am from central PA. I'm a mom of 2, a 3 yr old and a 9 yr old. Besides gardening, I enjoy just generally being outdoors, music and movies. Oh and shopping! Love poppies! Some others I love are hardy geraniums, lilies of all kinds, gaillardia and so much more. I have a large daylily collection and my iris collection is on its way too. Looking forward to making some new gardening friends here!
Welcome Jen
I'm glad you're here. I love iris and poppies too. I also have hardy geraniums.
Maybe later we could do some trading.
Welcome JenD any friend of Gloria's is a friend of mine. I live in SC and never met a flower I didn't love especially day lilies.
Glad to see you here Jen. We all like to grow things. We also like to talk about the things we grow and everything else.
Welcome Jen!
Perfect age "3" to get the children in the garden touching worms and learning all about bugs!*lol The 9yr old may not go for it *LOL
My Daughter was wonderful until about 7 then she suddenly feared yukky bugs:(
I lost her faithfulness in the bug dept that year:( She wont even touch a worm!*LOL A spider will keep her away for about a month!

Welcome and enjoy the chats!

Hello from the Willamette valley of Oregon..I garden with 2 cocker spaniels and oh they are such help Ha Ha but such fun too..One is a ball chaser and the other thinks bumble bee's are the best..I have roses mainly mini's..
Looking forward to seeing you on the boards
melanie aka oremudpie
Hey Jen, I'm so glad you decided to join us. I thought you'd like it here, I sure do. Make yourself at home and if you need any help, just holler. See ya in the forums.
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Jen............Welcome .......& do enjoy, which I am sure you will...:)
Wow! Thank you all for the wonderfull welcome! I am enjoying the sight and busy exploring everything. Look forward to getting to know you all better!
Hi Jen sorry I am late in thowing out the welcome rug. I see you are in my area --well sort of not to far. Hope to see you around the threads.
Hi, Jen. And a hearty welcome from another Oregonian. What kind of music do you like?
Welcome Jen,
Glad to have you. What a great place to raise kids, In the garden! Hope to see you around.
Thanks to all! I am really enjoying the site!

Randy..I like most, rock and metal are what I listen to most though. I listen to some rap, hip hop, country, oldies, a little of almost everything! We have all of the Guitar Hero games and several SingStar games, I love playing them. The kid in me takes over sometimes!!
Okay! I'm an oldie (75) so I naturally like the music from the 30's, 40's and 50's plus classical, semi-classical, ethnic, and country.
Well..geeez Jen, I would never have thought you for a rock and metal person. I remember when my kids were growing up and now and then they would get a cassette of metal stuff. Something always happened to rid my home of it...hehehehe (I'll never tell)
I do like music of different catagories. Southern gospel is the best and country behind that. Then a little classical and a little of this and that and if I'm feeling really good, throw in a little rock'n roll!
I bet you've never heard of Maybelle Carter.
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Gloria I just keep suprising you don't I! I don't think I can say I have ever heard of her. I am more drawn to metal/rock than anything else. Hubby doesn't like it, so when we go away together he tries to sneak a country cd in or southern rock. I do like oldies, although, probably more from the 50's and 60's. My favorite is Buttercup.
Yes, Jen you definitely do keep surprising me! Too bad we can't share all we have in common here but too much personal info!! I'm still amazed!
I don't guess many do remember Mother Maybelle Carter! You are probably too young anyways!! LOL. She was the mother of June Carter Cash (the wife of Johnny Cash.) I know you know who Johnny Cash was???
Anyway, she played the guitar, autoharp and banjo ..country and gospel music. You can google her name and find vidio's of her performances. I fell in love with the sound of her autoharp music and told my Mom that I wanted one! She ordered it from the Sears and Roebuck catalog in 1963. I took to it immediately, playing by ear and have played one since. I purchased a new and updated one in 2000 and have passed down the first one to my daughter.
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