Hi Everyone!

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New Member
Bernie invited me to join this forum. She says a lot of BS'ers have joined.

HELLO all!

Teresa (Known as Dandy at BS)
Welcome Teresa
I am not sure who BS'er are but I do know that there are a bunch of BS"er here.
Hi Dandy! Gald you decided to check us out. It's going to take me a while to think of you as Teresa. :) Yes Maingal, swindy, Sash, PRH, Ironknees and a few other familar names are here. This is a lively site and I'm meeting lots of nice folks here. I hope you enjoy it here.
Teresa welcome to GF I am glad to see you here I was on BS for awhile last year.I know you will find GF a very friendly place to be.
Hey good to know you Teresa join in and have fun. Oh yeah we talk gardening some too.
Hi Teresa welcome to GF glad your here.Jump in and have fun we have alot of good people here and great advice.:)
Hello Teresa andWelcome to the group...I am or use to be on BS a bit...I was/am WildIris there...Nice to see you ...look ofrward to seeing you around the place

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