hi from georgia

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Hi Megan
Welcome. Looks like another gardening bud from another site. Glad to see you here. The site is still kinda new and it is the lull in the gardening season over the holidays but the first of the yr, things will start picking up.
Most of us were on another forum until it got sold. Bob knew we needed a place and he was an admin on the old site before the sale so he had some contacts. We're spreading the word trying to find old friends from the old forum and others too to come join us here
Hi I'm from the Willamette Valley in Oregon almost neighbors to Debe
Its nice to meet you
Megan......Welcome.........I'm sure you will really enjoy this site.....lots of great people here........see you around the forum...........:)
Welcome Magan I am sure you will enjoy yourself here. This is a very friendly site with great people, old and new.
Hey Meg ...Welcome young lady...sure glad you joined us...
Love ya hon...have fun...
Sure are wonderful folks here...
Hi I'm from the Willamette Valley in Oregon almost neighbors to Debe
(*sad face, very very sad face) What am I? chopped liver?


Okay, I'm done whinin' now. Hi from me too!

Welcome to the group Megan.......we have another friend from the wiliamette valley, but he hasnt showed up yet.......hope he does soon...
Welcome Megan! Glad you found us. We are a fun loving bunch that actually knows a little gardening too. Makes for a good site. We look forward to seeing you around.
(PS.I am your Florida Neighbor)

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