Hi from KY

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Welcome Lisa, we are so happy to have you here with us. I'm in the Hudson Valley of NY and there are so many wonderful people here with great knowledge of gardening and who have so much to offer. Please feel free to jump right in on all of our threads and forums.
Hey Lisa! It's great to see you here! This is our new home now! I think you'll like the site! Everything works well and it's so simple and easy to use! Dale had wanted to invite you over here!

Hope to see you here often now!

Hi Lisa welcome to Gardenforums so glad to have you here. Take a look around and jump in where ever you like. If you need anything just touch base with one of the Mods and we will be glad to help in any way.
Hey we like new people. Jump right in and get to know this interesting bunch. We talk, we joke and oh yeah we talk gardening sometimes.
Hi Lisa so glad to see you joined us. This is a great blace to be with great members.
Lisa my dear friend. So glad you joined. Did your son tell you I called after the storms?
Hi everyone,thanks for the great welcome, will have to get used to alot of names here,I have went back to work it a hour drive there and back,so little time to get back on here in the evening but i will be back,Dale my son didn't tell me you call,glad you did I give you a ring in a day or two.
Lisa so good to hear from you. I know you have a busy work schedule, have missed our chats. Stay in touch my dear friend.
Hi Lisa,
Welcome. You will really like it here. So jump on in and hang out!


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Welcome Lisa, from the catskills of NYS.........your name looks familiar.......enjoy the site.....lots a great info and great friends.....

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