Holy Smokes!

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I was sitting here at the computer typing away, when I heard a bug banging into the window. I looked up to try and ID it, and there was a blurry swirl and a bit of wing dragging across the screen.

It was a bat! I've seen them swooping around street lights and other outside lights, but I've never seen one come right up to the window before!

Oh, that was so cool!
Blue I have never seen a live bat before. Kinda creepy isn't it??
i was sitting out side one night with a friend and a flock of birds went by so I said something about it to my friend. He looks at me and says, Sharon birds don't fly at night.
I didn't think it was to cool. I know they are good guys, but I really don't want to see them.
I remember seeing them flitting around near dusk at my parents' house in Camden when I was a small child. Their house sits up over this beautiful swamp, so there were lots of bugs for the bats to eat and lots of good rough barked trees for shelter. I don't ever remember being afraid of them, but my parents were very sensible in the most part in teaching us to appreciate wildlife.

My boss had a colony of bats in her attic that she was comfortable sharing space with until it got so large the guano was a problem. So she put up bat boxes all around the house outside and waited until they left one night, then patched up the cracks they were using to get inside.
I would like to get some bat boxes up around my house some where. Guess I need to print off hubby a new picture. He has been working on my stack of "I want you to make me this.":D Since he has been laid off, I've been getting a lot done around here. Now if only if it would stop raining!
I have made bat boxes. I should put some up around here too as I like to have them around.
Oooo Bats are such neat creatures. When I was stationed at Ft. Sam in San Antonio TX a friend took me to see bats leaving a cave at dusk. It was an amazing site. When I lived in Calif. there was a huge dead tree at the end of our block. I was astounded by the number of bats that lived in that tree. I haven't seen any around here and I'm not allowed to put up bat houses. The owners are afraid of bats. :(

I don't ever remember being afraid of them, but my parents were very sensible in the most part in teaching us to appreciate wildlife.

My parents were like that and I will be forever grateful. My step children are afraid of thunder and lightening because their mother was and she taught them to be afraid. They are afraid of insects as well. When my sons were little we’d drive out to the vineyards to watch the lightening storms. When ever we found a bug we would look it up to see what it was and what it did good or bad. They in turn have taught their children not to be afraid.
Bats are really great beneficial creatures. We have them by the 100's at night. They swoop in the night air and you can hear ( not always) these little noises. They are really neat to watch if you lay on your back and look up. Sometime they do fly into our windows. I did find a dead bat not to long ago under our second story fixed glass window. They are so tiny it's amazing. I should have take some pics for you guys. I'll do that next time I find one.
The horror movies have not helped the image of bats any just like the movie Bambi has done a lot toward fixing an image in our minds about deer hunting. I don't hunt and I don't like the idea of killing anything, with a few exceptions, of course. Mosquitoes and flies are fair game as far as I'm concerned. But I also am aware that if you do not control deer populations, nature will do it for you by eliminating the animals by starvation and disease. I love to watch the animals, but I like the idea of them being healthy and active.

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