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Has Anyone grown it??????
I Tried it last Year and Couldn't get it to Germanate<sp?> Any Tips?
:) Please and Thank you :)
yep partial shade don't plant the seed too deep and water it well to get it going.The flowers make lovely addition to dried flower arranging, the seed part makes a white etherial disk.
You can really grow honesty?

See, I thought this was going to be some sort of satirical meta discussion on the need for more honestly and truth in our world.
Honesty ( L. annua) It's a biennual! Other names: Bolbonac, Silver dollar, Penny flower, Money plant, Moneywort, Moonwort.
Best to soak the seeds overnight, then sow.
You will get just foliage the first year, It blooms and sets seeds the second!
Best in full sun.
I had so many of the silver dollar plants growing in my garden. I loved them as they didn't need much care. I would just broadcast the seeds. The flower is so pretty and comes up in Spring if I remember correctly.

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