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It's hummingbird season once again!!!!!!!!!!!! Has anyone been following the Ruby Throat Migration?

I saw my first hummingbirds tonight! I don't know whether it was just one or several who flocked to two of my feeders multiple times this evening!

I'm so excited, I can hardly stand it!
Glad for you Susan, it will be a while before I see any here in SC. We had frost warnings out last night. On our back deck it's 35 right now.
We will be waiting for a while longer. But I will be getting my feeders ready pretty soon.
Getting feeders ready here I found a website on the Rufous migration and apparently they have hit oregon already so should see them soon:) We should see the Allens soon also. Very rarely do we see the ruby throat here but it was spotted couple years ago in the town i live in.

Dale, frost warnings and all...they'll be there, and I think they already are there! Several years ago, we got snow here on Easter, and I saw more hummers flocking to my feeders -- even though they were partially or completely snow covered, than I've ever seen before.

I've got them coming around now quite a bit! I'm thrilled!!!!!!!!!!!! I just adore the magnificent little creatures.
I have my feeder out but I know its to early yet. I just wanted to be sure they have something to eat when they get here. Its usually around the first or second week in april depending on the temps. I can hardly wait.
Maggie that is as early as I have ever seen them as well. Come on hummers!!!
No sightings at my house in South Carolina yet, and I have my feeder up. I think we might have a few early arrivals, but I don't think we've had a heavy influx yet. It's been a cool spring, so the spring bloomers are just really getting into gear.
same here way to early for them, still about a month or two to go before they show up here, they seem to show up just as them milk weed and the mullen start to bloom
I don't put my feeders out until there are flowers blooming in the yard. Even then I reatly seen them until it stops snowing for good in the Cascades. Never know when that will happen for year to year. Last week it was snowing so much they had to close the passes several times for avalance control.
I have a feeder out but they haven't foun d it yet. I am going to move it to the front. My husband saw one last week when he was on a walk.
I usually see them at work a couple of weeks before I see them in my yard.
A few more weeks and hopefully they will be here.
We had one very aggressive female last year who seemed to think that both feeders were hers, she chased away anyone who visited them.
I saw my first hummer yesterday in the court yard by the pond. I was doing winter clean up admiring my Columbine blooming and my Giant Aloe bells when I heard him and then saw him. I had just been thinking I needed to set up my tripod and just sit until they showed up and there he was. I have decided to plant all red blooming plants in the court yard. I was trying to come up with a theme and I think all red bloomers would be cool.
I am moving my feeder to the front today. I want them to come to my house.
CG, red blossoms would be beautiful, a sea fo red!
Oh boy, Crabbergirl! I adore red.....Let us know what you decide to plant. Maybe we can all start a list of the coolest red flowers. Are you going to plant things that bloom at different times, too? How exciting.......I so wish I had the space where I could do something like that. (She says as she wipes away the tears!)
Our hummers are due to show up any day now and we have a snow storm coming in tomorrow!! I have the feeders up and will keep an eye out. Poor little things are going to be chilly! is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to