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This is the mystery bulb I got from my neighbors yard it is the only one i didnt know what it was when I got them. Bt it looks now like it could be a hyacinth....What do you all think?


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    yard and garden 002.JPG
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    yard and garden 003.JPG
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It doesn't look like the hyacinths that are growing and blooming in my yard.
Keep us posted
Any idea what it might be? one is starting to get a little bit of color like blue maybe.



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    yard and garden 004.JPG
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Maybe it is, thing I can't figure out are the little green ends that are on the buds, mine don't have them.
Other than that they do look alot like hyacinths
I think these are very young bulbs I am not sure...I dug them out in small clumps, they were in a shaded area and growing very slow and when i potted them up it took while for them to come out of shock. I guess in few more days we will know for sure:)

Oh thats cool..yes your right it is a squill! Wow it is really pretty:) Thank you for the help!

You really hit the jackpot at that neighbors RR! Lucky you!! :D

I like most all flowers, but bulbs are my favs!
Ya I did better then I thought..lol I am will to share:)


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