Hydrangea ?

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My hydrangea (only one of them) has been in full bloom for the last month or more and someone told me today that when they bloomed out of season like mine are that they won't bloom in the spring. Is this true? Mine has never bloomed like this before not even in the spring. It has had blooms all summer but only 5 or 6 at a time. About a month ago it started blooming like crazy and has between 20 to 30 blooms constanly. The leaves are not pretty as they are turning and beginning to fall off. So what do you think will they bloom in the spring? Oh and it's the Endless Summer hydrangea.


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Maggie I remember 1 of my hydrangers blooming in the fall and it also bloomed the following spring. It might have something to do with the weird weather we have had this summer. or just a fluk. Enjoy your blooms and don't worry about it.


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I have not heard that. Unseasonable weather will have effects on how a plant blooms. When I had Hydranegas they bloomer spring through fall. Might be a wives tale.


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My hydranger's bloom in the Spring and have a late fall showing too.I think they will bloom again in Spring for you.:)


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also think you will get bloom in spring...I don't know what mine was in CA...but it actually bloomed starting in spring and all the way through Nov....I just kept dead heading...come to think of it my two here do the same thing ...just smaller plants

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