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I have 3 hydrangeas. I don't know what color they are. When we moved here they were really overgrown. I cut them back in Feb. Now they are beautiful. They are going to be blooming soon! I can't wait to see what color they are. I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to chang the color of them? I heard that it could be done. :confused:
It's related to pH, and I believe if you add lime, the pH goes up and the color goes to pink. If you lower the pH and add aluminum sulfate, the color goes to blue. And there's something about high potassium that helps hydrangeas stay blue, but it's been a long time since I had a hydrangea so double check the facts.
Thanks, for the advice Blue. I will have to watch and wait I guess to see what color they are now.
Hi Kim,
I put a tie rod next to mine and it causes it to become a gorgeous deep purple. I"ve heard of others putting nails in the ground next to the base of the plant too.
My Mom put nails under some of her plants when she planted them. She said they added iron to the ground and leeched out slow enough not to burn the plants.
When I was little my mom always had me dump the pickle juice on hers. They were beautiful purple/ blue!
Crabbergirl, your mom sure had an interesting way of providing an acid soil! I'd love to hear about her other gardening/household tips.
My hydrangea was found in someone's trash near death. I brought it home and nursed it back to health. It didn't bloom for the first three years. When we moved here I brought it with me. The first two years here it bloomed like crazy. On the south side the blooms were blue on the north pink and in the middle they were purple. I had to move it to give it room. Since blue is my all time favorite color I give it a healthy helping of coffee grounds every spring and it rewards me with lovely blue blooms.

I get used coffee grounds from Starbucks (they bag them up for gardeners and give them away) I add them to the soil around all my acid loving plants and around anything that the slugs like to nibble on like hostas. Caffeine is supposed to kill slugs. I'm not sure if it really does or not as I never seen any dead ones but I haven't had any slug damage since I started using it.
Bernie -
Sorry your plant was knocking on death's door,but :) you found it and gave it life again!
Like the used coffee ground story you talked about. Coffee grounds are good for alot of houseplants too. I use them in several,but haven't thought about really using them for outside plants. ( don't know why really )
Interesting little story!!

Last year i bought some really beautiful Hydrangias. One was a very light pink..a white one and one that was a pale mint green. I can't wait to see these bloom this year and see if the colors are the same or very different!
Bernie -
Sorry your plant was knocking on death's door,but :) you found it and gave it life again!


I'm kind of glad it was knocking on death's door if it wasn't they wouldn't have thrown it out and I wouldn't have it now. :)

Gloria from what I've read the white and the mint green should come back the same color. Only the pinks and blues change color depending on the nutrients in the soil.
Bernie, thanks for the info. I'm sure hoping for the original colors. Here's some pics.


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I bought 3 white hydrangeas year before last. One of them is variegated. The bloomed last year and one has really multiplied. The other two haven't done as well.

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