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Hi ya'll! I am new at the site.I am from the south and love home cooking and nature. Of course I have a brown thumb but I love to try. My mom can grow or root anything. I hope to be able one day to do the same. My birthday is may 1st. I have a wonderful hubby(sometimes) Just kidding, He is a good man. Two children ages 17 and 14 soon. My Hubby is dibetic so I have learned to do that southern cooking in a way to keep him healthy. The baking I have a little trouble with due to the fact of my resources here but I manage the best I can. I am open to all the sweet recipes without the sugar I can get. Hope ya'll have a great day.
Welcome Dasiemae
We sure are glad to have you join us.
We will see if we can help turn your thumb from brown to green
Hey Dasiemae nice to have you here. I'm not always sure I have a green thumb. Have killed my fair share of plants. Jump in and plant something with us.
Welcome from Oregons Willamette Valley..I think you'll enjoy this site a lot..
Come often to visit
melanie aka oremudpie
Welcome Dasiemae
So glad you joined, lots of great ppl and lots of knowledge here to help with the brown thumb. I think we all have killed plants
Hope to see you around and get to know you
Last Spring Daisemae dug up two red rose bushes from her yard. Boy..I was glad.. cause they are now planted happily in my yard and I even had blooms the last of summer. Looking forward to seeing what else she wants to rid her yard of...hehe.
Hi Dasiemae glad to have you here.I can alway's use a new friend.Jump in look around we have alot friend's here old and new.Alway's something interesting going on here.:)

Mainegal you don't understand. My aunt gave me a plant one time all I had to do is put it in the ground there was no way in the world you can kill it she says! She told me that she had picked them up where the rain had wash them out the ground and just threw them into the flower bed and they came back. So I took it home planted it and 3 days later it was dead. I figured it might come back but it never appeared again.
Gloria, I bet you are. But I am just about bare now. You could come over and bring some of yours and help out this brown thumb. Maybe if you get them started I might be able to keep them. Then as I get more I would share with ya.
As for everyone else and these girls thanks for the warm welcome and I am looking foward to it. Spider lily I am always greatful for new friends. Just got to figure out all these buttons. lynpenny let me go grab my shovel and we can plant anything just making it servive will be the problem.

Kat aka Dasiemae p.s. thank mom for the names lol
First you have to promise not to let the "boys" in the yard on anything with wheels and that includes a mower!

PS..you are welcome
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Well I can always get out the stun gun! It will not be to much longer they will be out on their own. And then maybe just maybe I will be able to get somewhere.
Dasiemae welcome to GF glad you have joined the group. Sorry to hear you are having problems keeping your plants alive. I have never killed a plant but I do on many occasions wind up with suicidal plants, you try to intervene and talk them out of it but sometimes it just doesn't work lol. You are going to find many folks here that will give you great advice on keeping your your little buds alive. See you around the threads.
Thanks Swindy and crbbergirl! All I can say is you have your work cutt out for you then crabbergirl.lol.
Well Hello Dasiemae and Wecloem to the forum...you know your mom is my granny...;)...even though we are almost the same age...so that makes you my aunt I guess...just kidding...so glad you have jumped in ....Look forward to getting to know you dear...

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