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To my Furkids

Boo Boo my 16 yr old Black lab girl

Valentine my 5 yr old Lop eared male Bunny
Moochie my 1 1/2 yr old English sheperd/malamute girl
who I adopted from the ASPCA July 3rd

I just love these cute little critters so much and wanted to share


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Awww Bluewolf their sooo cute .I'm a furbaby nut too.I have a half lab/chow he's 14 yrs.A Jack Russel terrier some threw out she's the sweetest little dog. I don't know how anyone could just toss something so sweet.I have a SPOILED Pomeranian she's my baby.We have a crazy cat it's outside.And a horse she's soon to be 19yrs.And I have a big mouth parrot he talk's all the time.LOL So yeah I'm an animal nut.I admit it.:):):)
Thanks Spider!!

Boy you have quiet the "herd" don't you?

I would be lost if I didn't have a pet of somekind...
Thanks Kya D

Yes Boo Boo definitly qualifies for the seniors discount

I'm gonna really miss her when she goes
out of all my pets through out my life I have had her the longest
Great pics, Wolfie! Thanks for showing us. I could have 'one of each' of everything(unlike Noah who had to deal with TWO of each)~ :)

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