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Kya D

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This is growing in a pot and I have no clue what it is...but it sure is pretty


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Looks familar!
Sage possibly...
There's a perennial salvia with furry foliage!
Compound leaves.....Potentilla!
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Once the leaves unfold I'll have a better idea!
Artichoke leaves come to mind...I did try growing them quite a few years ago!
Still look like potentilla leaves!
I know that I had to have planted this but not only am I getting OLD but since the stroke I reall can't remember much.
Thanks Ron I will re check them
Russian sage is the closest I can find but it is still different. I guess if it blooms I will either know or post another pic for more advice.
Thanks to all
I am still perplexed on this one Kya, that is why I haven't offered an opinion. I don't think that it is russian sage because the leaves are too furry. Maybe a more mature leaf will give us the answer. My mind is saying Pulsatilla, but I am not even sure that is right.
I haven't figured it out. All of the suggestions are close but not quite right.
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