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I received 4 single stemmed roses on Valentine's Day, and I left them in water.
The rose itself and the leaves dried up, but suprisingly, new green leaves
emerged. I was wondering if it's possible to grow a rose bush/plant from a
single stem that's blooming? If so, how can I achieve that?

Yes it is,
keep changing the water and watch for roots.
BTW Welcome to the forum. Someone here will answer your question in more detail. In the meantime just jump in, relax and ENJOY
My daughter got rose's for Valentine's Day.I took some out and cut into small piece's with a couple nodes to each piece.Diped in rooting powder.Put in a pot with rich potting soil sit in shaded area.Kept watered and one rooted.This is what it look's like I had two rose's this Fall.It didn't make a large rose but it's pretty and I love the color.


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I have grown Blaze climber roses from cuttings too. But I wasn't sure if it was just cuz the blaze is such a hardy rose to begin with
Welcome and I hope you enjoy your stay!

Yes you can root in water like advised,watch the roots.The only down fall I found was trying to get it adjusted to the soil after you root.. I have 2(alive still) I started in water.(outdoors in soil 2yrs now)
The stems are long and puny but they bloomed.
I drowned the others (cutting placed in soil) from florist MIL gave me a few yrs ago)
So yes, cuttings are a hit and miss that are received from a florist trying is the fun part of it. I can't wait for Valentines day I hope to be more attentive come free stem roses time!
I blew it last year totally..kept remembering when I wasn't home or able to change the water.You are pretty south of me... I would root in soil if at all possible.I root in soil place in the bright shade for a few months then come fall I plant. Or over winter them in South (against my house) and plant in early spring .
I am not certain if root hormone made a difference, only because I have not used it when I place a cutting (that roots easily in the pot with root hormone) in the ground and they nearly always take.
The Fairy is one of them, I prune and stick them in the gournd I look quite a while later and it is blooming *LOL
Now Teas and Grandifloras... worse then trying to get peppers and eggplant to grow from seed..KO are ok nothing much to write about until year..Can't wait to see what they will do! I have a few :)

Please tell me about your climbing Blaze!
I have 2 maybe three (3,2 from a job I did, lady didn't even know she had them *LOL,I told her, she told me I could have of course they are mine now!*LOL)
How many times are they suppose to bloom?
Is this Climbing Blaze!?
Do I have to cut it back?
Mine bloomed well 2 times and one or two blooms in late Sept.



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