I'm on the lookout

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Kya D

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Hi and Good morning
I am hoping to be able to find some different colors, sizes and shapes of
Hens and chicks.
I am learning I really love these little darlings.
If anyone has these for trade or postage I would love some.
Thanx :)
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I am bringing this back up hoping someone will have hens and chicks for postage or trade
I don't have any hen and chicks, if I did you know they would be yours!!!!
I don't either, I didn't even know what they were. I googled them and they are cute. It said that the grow anywhere! Great for rock gardens! I thought they were cool! I look for some. Kim
They are so cute
They take little water, multiply (chicks) and come in lots of sizes and a few colors.
I really would like to get several different ones. JUST CUZ

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