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Spider Lily.. I know exactly where that little rinky dink town called Opp is.. Its a bit northeast of me.. One of my longtime best friends has alot of family there.. Both her parents were from there.... Not sure if the name will ring a bell, but their last name is Hataway... Thanks for the welcome...
I know a few Hataway's.:)


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Hi everyone
Im new too! My name is Kerrey and I live in zone 5....Toronto area.
I live on an acre 1/2 in the country, in a 140 yr old farmhouse next to a creek.
Im a police dispatcher, so when I get upset about a rotten day at work......I go home and GARDEN!
Well not at 07:00 when I get home this morning....but you know what I mean;)
I've been gardening for about 8 years now but only recently have tried my luck at DayLillies. I'm so glad Ive found this forum.
Ronsgarden:D has been a great help to me already!
Anyways, I look forward to growing with everyone:eek:


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It really is great to have you Kerrey!
You just reminded me that I have quite a few daylilies in pots that need to be divided and repotted!
Still do not have the area I want to plant them ready for them, so I may as well go ahead and divide them!
So much to plant, so little time!


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Welcome, Kerrey. I hail from the other side of the continent in the state of Oregon. Gardening si certainly therapeutic as are interactions with other gardeners. Glad to have you aboard. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to